• Our white sandy beaches

    Our white sandy beaches

  • Discovering the Hebrides

    Discovering the Hebrides

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    Winter at Calanais

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    Lews Castle Stornoway



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If you like wildlife photography, walking, or just sitting and observing wildlife from your window, the Old Mission Hall is the place for you.

GannetsThe Hebrides has an abundance of wildlife, but South Lochs is possibly one of the best vantage points to experience it.  Off the main tourist routes and still maintaining a crofting lifestyle it's the perfect setting for wildlife to florish.  With a keen eye you can spot Eagles, Sea Eagles, Otters and Red Deer, those are the illusive ones!  Buzzards, curlew, dunlin, gulls, snipe, redshank, robin, wheatear and wrens ar amongst the more common birds.  The island stands in the way of many migatory marine animals and the rich waters provide good feeding grounds attracting:  grey and common seals (all year round) - several species of dolphins, porpoise, Minke, Killer and Pilot whales, Basking sharks usually visit in August when the waters are warmer, we have even had reports of the elusive Sunfish. Seabirds include Gannets, it's wonderful to watch them diving, Fulmars, Terns, Divers, Guillemots, Razorbills, Shearwaters and several species of Ducks.

Whale and Dolphin spotting.

Although it is possible to spot marine mammals from almost anywhere along our coast line the best chance you have is from Tiumpan Head Lighthouse (Eye Peninsula) you can watch Risso's and white-beaked dolphins, along with harbour porpoises and minke whales, with some sightings year-round depending on weather and sea conditions.  Take the steep path to the top of the hill for the best vantage point.  If you are lucky you might meet up with one of the Whale and Dolphin Trust 'watchers' who can give you lots of info on 'what's about'.

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin TrustRissos Dolphins

Take a sea safari with:

Seatrek - Offer many excursions including visits to St.Kilda
Fish n Trips from Keose South Lochs
Kilda Cruises and Blue Tuna fishing off Lewis
Hebridean Fishing Experience Saltwater fly fishing is a great day out 


You could also ask one of the fishermen in the village for a trip out, for a small fee they would be willing to take you.

Guided Walks

North Harris Trust organise walks and tours Calendar of Events 

Walk Highlands  Check out the walk around Cromor